The 10 Things That I’ve Learned In 2016

2016 has been a very memorable year that i’m almost sad when I start writing down 2017 in every date that I have to fill up in the next 12 months. With it being very memorable, I have come to sum up the year in 10 things that I have realized, learned and am still learning from the past incredible 12 months.

  1. Change Is Constant

I can’t even begin with how much has changed in 2016. There are so much that has changed that I forgot that it all happened within a year. Change was always happening that I became so used to it and until now I still have a difficult time adapting to it.

      2. Live In The Moment

What I mean by this is to put down your phone and actually be in the moment. I have realized that I have missed so much and I could’ve done a lot if it wasn’t because of my phone or any kind of gadget. It’s pathetic, really.

      3. Happiness Is Within You

I have learned the hard way that I should stop relying on other people for happiness. it took so long for it to sink into my brain that I am the only one making myself feel anything but happy because I am allowing myself to feel that way. Therefore, I am the only one as well who is in control to make me happy.

      4. Start To Stop Caring

Is does not have to mean that you will start being selfish or whatnot but it simply means that sometimes, it’s okay to stop caring about what others think or say about you. It’s okay to stop caring about the little things that don’t matter or most especially stop caring about the people who don’t care about you.

      5. Never Get Attached.

Getting attached will only lead to one thing: you getting hurt. 

      6. Be Bubbly

Life is soooo much easier and not to mention happier when you are always bubbly and not wearing a scowl on your face. Life is too short to be sappy.

      7. Stop Overthinking

I am such a hypocrite for saying because if there is one thing that I am good at, it has got to be overthinking. But the truth is, when you don’t overthink, everything is easier. There is no need to overthink everything because everything happens for a reason and in the end, everything will just  fall into place.

      8. People Come and Go

I have grown so used to this and I am actually thankful for the people who left because they definitely taught me something. There are just some people in your life whom you’ll never expect to be friends with and there are also some whom you’ve never expected to leave. But it’s alright, just be careful with whom you open up to next time.

      9. Life Goes On

I hate this line because it reminds me that this is the end and there is nothing you can do about it except accept it and move on as if it’s that easy. But well, that is the truth. Life goes on no matter what the circumstances are and we just have to go along with it.

      10. In the end, the only person you can truly rely on is yourself.

When everybody leaves, you will only have yourself. Be kind to you. Learn to love yourself because if nobody else does, who will?



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