I can’t help getting attached.

I’m the kind of person who gets attached so easily. Whether it would be a movie I just watched, a book I just read, a  new chocolate I just tasted or a person I admire.

All these attachments are my addiction and I have yet to find a cure. But just like anything else that needs a cure, it hurts. It hurts when you get attached and the person you are attached to could care less. It hurts when you are always expecting when you know you have nothing to expect. It hurts knowing you’re attached and they’re not.

If there is one thing I have learned about attachments, it’s to forget about it. Forget the person you’re being attached to and consider yourself for once because you deserve better. Try being cruel for once because the world is cruel. Be selfish for once because your own feelings should matter more, therefore try to not caring for once because trust me, it feels great. Remember, you matter the most. Not your attachments.

I know it’s hard to get rid of attachments. But when you finally do, you will realize how much time you wasted when you could’ve done so much better.





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