Car Rides

I always look forward to car rides

I wake up every morning looking forward to car rides. There is just that indescribable feeling that car rides make me feel. They give me a sense of comfort. They keep me calm and I love the tranquility it brings. They let me escape reality.

The best feeling is when you have your earphones on and music blasts your ears and for once, you could care less about the world around you; because you are escaping reality.

The real reason why i’m obsessed with car rides? It’s because i’m obsessed with you.

Car rides are the only time when I can freely daydream about you with nothing stopping me. I always daydream about moments that will never happen between us. It’s pathetic, I know.But you’re the reason why i’m pathetic.

Every song on  my car ride playlist reminds me of you. Every scenery I pass reminds me of you. Car rides remind me of you.



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